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21. Georgia 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, Jekyll Island

Pick up horseshoe crabs that tickle when they try to pinch, watch baby alligators play, and see loggerhead turtles swim.
Pirate Fest

40. Festivals on the Georgia coast

Some lesser-known celebrations worth a trip to the coast, including the Pirate Fest on Tybee Island

6. Tabby

The vernacular building material known as tabby is particular to the Lowcountry along the South’s Atlantic coast. Made of lime, sand, water, and oyster shells, the rough, grayish cement was used beginning in the colonial era to build houses, fortifications, and slave quarters.

Guarding the Nest

Beginning this month, typically in the dead of night, pregnant sea turtles weighing as much as a Falcons lineman will emerge from the Atlantic Ocean, spend an hour digging holes with their rear flippers on the beaches of Georgia’s barrier islands, deposit a hundred or so eggs, repack the sand, and head back into the ocean.

Jekyll Island, GA

A midwinter beach trip makes perfect sense in the context of this barrier island’s history. When the Jekyll Island Club opened in January 1888, it was a hunting and fishing escape...

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