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JoJo’s Beloved expands with a dancefloor, additional bars, and a new cocktail menu

JoJo’s Beloved expands with a dance floor, additional bars, and a new cocktail menu

In December, JoJo's will debut a major expansion, adding a dance floor, DJ booth, and additional bars and seating, essentially doubling in capacity. With the expansion comes a brand-new cocktail list developed by director of operations Benton Bourgeois and bar manager Qwesha Byrd.

Dunwoody’s first food hall gets a redo as Politan Row moves in

Slated to reopen in October as Politan Row, the Ashford Lane location will feature some of the same vendors as the Colony Square location, as well as some new options. There will also be a new location of the JoJo’s Beloved bar; the Dunwoody location will take JoJo’s ten years into the future, making it a 1988-1992-era bar with decor and drinks to match.
Atlanta's cocktail scene

Atlanta’s cocktail scene flies under the national radar, but the talent is here

Have you ever come across a gem of a place and wondered how no one else has found out about it? That’s what the entire Atlanta bar scene is like. Atlanta may influence everything, but when it comes to the national cocktail conversation, it flies way under the radar. Is the talent here? Yes. Do many people know about it? No.
JoJo's Beloved Colony Square Politan Row Atlanta

Hidden bar JoJo’s Beloved slings ‘70s-style cocktails at Colony Square’s Politan Row

Led by Politan Row beverage director Sophie Burton, JoJo's Beloved serves ‘70s-and-’80s-inspired cocktails in a neon-lit environment with space for 62 people.

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