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2020 Georgia Election Candidate Questionnaires

Election 2020: Georgia candidates answer questions on COVID-19, healthcare, protests, and more

Georgia has several high-profile federal races on the ballot this year. To help you learn where the 2020 candidates stand, we asked them to answer questions about the pandemic, healthcare, the state of policing, and other issues impacting life in our state.
Jon Ossoff

11 questions for Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff answers our questions about COVID-19, healthcare, systemic racism, and the Supreme Court.
Shane Hazel

11 questions for Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Shane Hazel

Georgia Libertarian Senate candidate Shane Hazel answers our questions about COVID-19, healthcare, systemic racism, and the Supreme Court.

Planned Parenthood’s $800,000 fight to get Jon Ossoff elected wasn’t enough

In the end it wasn’t enough. Not the millions of dollars that poured in from frustrated Democrats across the country. Not the hundreds of volunteers who took to the streets of Atlanta’s northern suburbs, knocking on doors and exhorting motorists. Neither were enough to lift long-shot candidate Jon Ossoff above his 48 percent showing in April’s special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
Georgia 6th District Election Mailers

A Reddit user posted a massive collection of Georgia 6th District election mailers

A lot of money has been spent on encouraging voters in Georgia's 6th District to elect Jon Ossoff or Karen Handel to congress. One Reddit user rounded up a gallery of at least 20 mailers, many with extreme election rhetoric.
Jon Ossoff Rembert Browne

My high school friend Jon Ossoff almost became a Congressman last night

Our crew of friends that had known him for so long couldn’t get over this was all for him. People were hitting the stage, talking about how much they believed in our serious but goofy friend. It was surreal. I kept saying I felt like I was in an episode of The West Wing, but my friend accurately corrected me—this was a special election episode of Parks and Recreation.
Jon Ossoff

The Democrats’ $8 Million Man: What would a Jon Ossoff victory mean?

“The fact that people are paying attention to races they otherwise wouldn’t indicates that Democrats and even some moderate Republicans are eager to send a pretty strong message to Trump and the GOP establishment,” said Emory professor Michael Leo Owens, who specializes in urban politics.
Jon Ossoff

The country is watching Jon Ossoff

What to make of new polling that shows Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old Democrat who’s never before run for public office, has as much voter support as the top three Republican candidates combined? It’s no wonder that some observers view the wide-open race in the heavily Republican 6th—the special election is on April 18, the runoff in June—as an effective referendum on the already troubled Trump presidency.

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