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BeltLine officials need cash to finish the trail network. What will it cost Atlanta?

BeltLine officials need cash to finish the trail network. What will it cost Atlanta?

BeltLine officials now say they need $350 million to complete the wildly popular trail network and want to create a Special Services District to help boost funds.

A new bar from the Joystick team will showcase the scientific side of cocktail mixing

Look for centrifuges, immersion circulators, and vacuum infusion when this new bar opens in the Collective at Coda this summer

Opening a bar in Atlanta? Skip the expensive dining chairs (and other tips from bar owners).

Opening a bar—and keeping it in business—takes a lot more than you think. We spoke with proprietors of Porter Beer Bar, Georgia Beer Garden, and Lean Draft House about what it takes to not lose your sanity and shirt in the process.
The Painted Duck Atlanta

10 Best Things to Do After Midnight in Atlanta

Karaoke at FamFam, roller skate at Golden Glide, relax at Jeju Sauna, go bowling at Painted Pin, go to a strip club—the list goes on.
Joystick Gamebar

49. Joystick Gamebar

Arcade-themed bars may have surged in popularity in recent years—but when Joystick opened its doors, and its Mrs. Pac-Man machine, to Edgewood Avenue in 2012, it was a revelation. Joystick is still going strong as a self-identified “nerdy dive bar.”
eSports Overwatch League

Atlanta bought an Overwatch eSports team. Here’s why you should care.

Atlanta will soon have its own Overwatch League team, making it the first eSports team to represent the city. With a projected $1 billion revenue in 2019, eSports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and Atlanta is poised to become the Southeast's hub.

Where to bring your Tinder date in Atlanta this Valentine’s Day

I attended more than a dozen weddings last year. When each couple was inevitably asked how they met, the answer, 50 percent of the time, was Tinder. So, if you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, you might just find it there—or at least you can find a hot person to drink with.

Joystick’s Georgia Beer Garden set for March opening

Joystick received approval on their liquor license application from the city review board last month, and now await final approval the Fulton County Health Department and the Office of Buildings

Georgia Beer Garden opening pushed back to early 2016

Joystick Gamebar founders Johnny Martinez and Brandon Ley will open the Georgia Beer Garden at 420 Edgewood Avenue in early 2016. “We’re right next to MLK, the Atlanta Streetcar comes right next to the Beer Garden, and Edgewood is becoming a big destination for the bar scene. We want to capitalize on that and show off what people around the whole state are doing with beer,” Martinez says.

Illegal Food comes of age: Pop-up will open first full-service restaurant in early January

Burger star lllegal Food expects to open its restaurant in early January. The restaurant is helmed by executive chef and partner Steven Lingenfelter, who's working with partner and general manager Laurie Dominguez, previously a bartender at Six Feet Under; sous chef Danny Benson; and investor/acting sommelier Didier Stahl. They share details below.

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