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Best of Atlanta 2015

Indoor Playspace: Catch Air

If you’ve got a wound-up kid on a rainy day, this is the place to set them loose. At its six metro Atlanta locations, Catch Air caters to the elementary-school-and-under set, with a special area for toddlers.

22 Atlanta Valentine’s Day events to celebrate romance

A romantic dinner isn't the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Get your heart literally pumping at a one-mile underwear run, or let a tenor serenade your loved one. Whether you're someone's Valentine or still looking for one, here are 22 romantic events.

Georgia is first to fully adopt new Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Last year, Georgia was the first state in the nation to fully adopt the updated Presidential Youth Fitness Program. The program, started by President Eisenhower in 1956, uses body composition, aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility to evaluate overall fitness.

Place to Drop Them Off: Purple Hippo Art Studio

For $15 an hour, your child (age five and up) will be turned loose on bins of clay, paper, crayons, beads, and paints to make as many masterpieces as you can carry home.

Story Time: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Instead of being cooped up in a stuffy library among the musty leaves of old books, why not rest in the shade beneath actual leaves, amid the flora and fresh air?

Kids Meal: Pallookaville Fine Foods

The corn dogs at this kitsch-covered, clown-themed Tudor dining hall are the size of sock puppets, and the child-friendly acoustics suck up the howls of delight at mac and cheese topped with Cheez-Its.

Stroller Run: Northside Trail

This smooth, two-lane stretch of concrete is less congested than other parts of the BeltLine, and nice and flat, saving you that extra push.

Kid-Friendly Museum: Tellus Science Museum

The Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville is worth the trip, especially on a rainy day. Block out at least two hours to take in everything at Tellus, which is named for the Roman goddess of the earth.

Vocal Opposition

My girl used to sing all the time. I remember when I enrolled her in the ART Station summer camp in Stone Mountain. She was part of the chorus for a play about Greek...

An adult trip to SkyZone

I was given a pair of "trampoline shoes" and vaguely motioned towards one of the "patented, all-trampoline, walled playing courts" that fill most of the place's floor space. I passed at least a hundred children, most under twelve, bouncing like crazy as their caretakers boredly watched from bleachers. There was a distinct Chuck E. Cheese's vibe.

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