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Downtown billboards

In downtown Atlanta, a billboard flashed residents in more ways than one

Doug Elliott, a retired higher-ed executive, sits down to breakfast every morning with a coffee, perhaps some cereal, and Kim Kardashian’s boobs in his face. The billboard sits across from his apartment downtown. It’s one of several new billboards that have been erected in the Arts & Entertainment Atlanta district—an initiative, approved by the city in 2017, to “awaken” downtown by introducing outdoor media displays by local artists as well as advertisers.
Waist training

Test Drive: Do waist trainers actually work?

With all the allegedly pound-melting cleanses and fat-zapping surgeries available to celebrities, you’d think they’d turn up their perfect noses at a figure-slimming device popularized during Victorian times.

A brief timeline of Atlanta millennial milestones

A few big moments from the past 35 years, including the 1996 Olympics, the plan for the BeltLine, the introduction of the iPhone, and more.

Spotted! Kim Kardashian, NeNe Leakes at STK in Midtown

The first text alert informing us that two of the most important people in the world were dining together at the brand-new STK in Midtown rolled in at 8:36 p.m. Wednesday night. Imagine our shock, upon further investigation, when we learned President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were not inside. Rather, it was E! reality show star/celebrity wedding scam artist Kim Kardashian and “Real Housewives of OTP” cast member NeNe Leakes.

Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor

As the world slept overnight, Atlanta director and studio mogul Tyler Perry placed his fingers on the home row keys to address one of the greatest maladies currently plaguing the Earth: Kim Kardashian. In an email to fans, Perry has at last responded to the outrage over his casting of the 72-day bride/E! reality show fame whore who is currently divorcing NBA forward Kris Humphries after an exhausting 10-week marriage. All month Perry's fans have taken to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to express their displeasure after he announced the casting of the rich white lady who assists the global economy by purchasing $10,000 designer shoes on camera in his new ironically titled comedy "The Marriage Counselor."

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