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King of Pops Field Day returns this Sunday

The second annual King of Pops Field Day returns to the Masquerade Music Park this Sunday, October 21. The beloved local popsicle maker is again throwing a carnivalesque free party with games, popsicle eating contests, a few bands, and food trucks (in case you decide that you can't live on pops alone). Proceeds from the day will benefit Wholesome Wave Georgia.

King of Pops robbed, offering reward for information

Atlanta's beloved popsicle masters, King of Pops, were robbed after Music Midtown in September. They've posted this information to their Facebook page today:

Discovery: King of Pops

The Popsicle, a brand name owned by the Unilever corporation but often used in the vernacular, has come a long way since its chemical-flavored beginnings. It was allegedly invented in the 1900s by an eleven-year-old who left a stirrer overnight in his cup of fruit-flavored soda and found a tasty treat in the morning after a freeze. Mexican immigrants to the U.S. brought with them the culture of paletas—small-batch ice pops made from spiced fresh fruit. In the last couple of years, young entrepreneurs from all over have started producing handcrafted ice pops using organic and local ingredients in an increasingly sophisticated range of tastes.

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