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CHAR Korean Bar & Grill brings Korean barbecue ITP with a whimsical twist. Check out the menu.

Tang says CHAR is not a place that takes itself too seriously. A faux dinner combination on the menu called “Jang Song-Taek” includes three pigs, two cows, a sack of fairy dust, two unicorns, four rainbows, and three bugbears for $9999.

1. Heirloom Market BBQ

If a barbecue lover could visit only one 
restaurant in Atlanta, which one would 
I recommend?

Guide to Korean restaurants

My first encounter with Korean culture took place in the small Greenwich Village apartment my future husband shared with the son of the Korean ambassador to the United Nations. Young Victor Han kept kimchi in the refrigerator and a tiny metal hibachi in the living room for his grilling needs. I moved up the food chain when Victor’s parents entertained me at a sit-down dinner at the new embassy in Vienna, where they were posted a year later. I remember very little of the meal, except that it was long and formal and I had no idea how to eat a whole fish with chopsticks.

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