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Busy Bee Cafe

The pandemic reminds me of a time when Atlanta was a very different food city

In this hiatus, I’ve had ample time to return to memories of the restaurant scene of Atlanta’s past.

Eat This: La Grotta’s Veal Chop

“When people come here, they don’t even look at the menu,” Abizanda says. “They sometimes ask me to recommend something, but if they want the veal chops, I can’t change their minds.”

43. Eat old-school

I come from a Buckhead family. My father’s parents live off of West Wesley and my mother’s parents reside near Chastain Park. I grew up in Garden Hills, and my first job was fry guy at Buckhead Diner; I made those blue cheese potato chips and Kevin Rathbun was in the kitchen.

Saltyard to open in Brookwood in the spring

La Grotta managing partner Christian Favalli, and his wife, fellow restaurant veteran Kristy Jones-Favalli, will open Saltyard, an American restaurant serving small plates, in the Brookwood building on Peachtree this spring. Named after the ancient tradition of sharing salt as a sign of friendship, ‘Saltyard’ represents the hospitality the Favallis hope to offer.

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