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How young trans people—and their families and medical providers—are contending with a wave of animus

How young trans people—and their families and medical providers—are contending with a wave of animus

By the time all states had adjourned their legislative sessions in 2022, 17 bills aimed at transgender and nonbinary children had been passed into law—a record. Since January of this year, the U.S. has seen more than 100 bills being introduced that would prevent trans youth from being able to access healthcare—another record. According to the Trans Legislation Tracker, 2023 is the fourth consecutive record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation, with some bills aiming to restrict healthcare up to age 26.
Amy Ray Subway music video

How two Atlanta teenagers got starring roles in Amy Ray’s “Subway” music video

Eighteen years old and a senior at Paul Duke STEM High School, Sarah Jane Von Hagen has plenty in common with the Indigo Girls, not least her striking resemblance to a young Amy Ray—a role Von Hagen recently found herself playing, opposite the real, adult Amy Ray, in a music video for Ray’s new single, “Subway.” Von Hagen’s friend Iris Rubin costarred as young Amy Ray’s girlfriend.
What Georgia lawmakers got wrong about the transgender healthcare ban

Doctors explain what Georgia lawmakers got wrong with the new law restricting transgender youth healthcare

Section 1 of SB 140, Georgia's new law that bans hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries for minors, contains seven “findings” lawmakers say justify the need for this law. But experts say these findings do not reflect the medical science of gender transition in minors. We spoke to several doctors and mental health providers to break down the facts—and myths—behind these findings to help you understand what’s actually happening.
Drag Brunch at Lips Atlanta

Behind the scenes at Lips Atlanta’s flawless, madcap drag brunch

Serving Sunday brunch is one thing. Pulling off a drag show is another. But serving back-to-back brunches for hundreds of guests while nine high-octane drag queens perform in full costume, higher-than-heaven hair, and a full set of lights and music? That, in the words of performer and maître d’ Evelyn Caldwell, “is just madness.”
The Church Ladies

What the Church Ladies are cooking up

Dispatches from Atlanta and beyond. Also in this month's edition: Watching the World Cup in Norcross and trans dancers find a home on Cheshire Bridge.
Atlanta Pride Starlight Cabaret

Atlanta drag star Phoenix emcees Starlight Cabaret as it returns to Atlanta Pride this weekend

Phoenix will produce and emcee Atlanta Pride’s 33rd annual Starlight Cabaret solo for the first time on the Coca-Cola Stage at Piedmont Park. It’s also the first time the show will be back on stage live and in-person since 2019.
Out on Film 2022

What not to miss at Out on Film, Atlanta’s premier LGBTQ+ film festival

Cinephiles are eagerly anticipating the 35th annual Atlanta LGBTQ Film Festival, which runs in multiple Atlanta theaters from September 22 to October 2. Here's what to expect at this year's 35th annual festival.
Dr. Julia Skinner explores the many meanings of fermentation

Dr. Julia Skinner explores how fermented foods connect us to people and places

As Dr. Julia Skinner writes in her new book, Our Fermented Lives: A History of How Fermented Foods Have Shaped Cultures & Communities, few food-preparation techniques are as rich in meaning and as ripe for metaphor as fermentation. I visited Skinner at her house on the Southside—yard wild and overgrown, chickens somewhere out back—to ask what she found so alluring about the subject.
Anita Bryant Protest at National Teenager Pageant, August 19, 1977

6 Atlanta queer history facts you might not know

Way before there was a rainbow crosswalk in Midtown, Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ scene was flourishing. Queer history tends to focus on large cities like New York and San Francisco, but Atlanta’s actually been a haven for queer and trans Southerners since the early 20th century.
history of the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance

They came out slugging: The history of the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance

Fifty years ago, a ragtag group of queer women launched the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance, upending Georgia’s leftist politics with protest, performance—and plenty of softball.

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