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5 Atlanta sandwich breads you need to try

From homey wheats to tangy sourdoughs, the right boule can make your sandwich fillings shine.
Christiane Lauderbach and water

The Christiane Chronicles: Atlanta restaurants, filter your water

In cities like New York and Los Angeles, I’ve found municipal water is great right out of the tap. But in Atlanta? I can’t stand the foul flavor of our water, which restaurants often pour straight over a fistful of ice cubes.
Lion Tamer Bread

New Bread: Lion Tamer Bread

Almost every day, Brian Dulisse folds and kneads up to 120 rustic rounds of sourdough, rye, and other breads by hand.
Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer Bread is a haven for traditional bread lovers

Brian Dulisse, former baker at SUgar Moon Bake Shop, has opened his own shop near Emory University, Lion Tamer Bread. Dulisse features his homemade breads for those who can't get enough of the crusty goodness that a good loaf offers.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Brunch is a cult, and why Ri Liu is the new master of Sichuan

Brunch is a cult, really, a religion established by greedy restaurateurs who charge criminal prices for weak mimosas and mostly generic slop. Plus, why Atlantans should follow chef Ri Liu.

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