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Bacon Almond Brittle

At the 2012 Peach Jam cobbler contest held at Grant Park Farmers Market, Cabbagetown resident Lisa Hanson served this adaption from I Love Bacon! (Jane Rockwell, Andrews McMeel Publishing) with her winning peach cobbler.

Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Lisa Hanson, lead cook at the Mercantile and former owner of Cabbagetown Market, won the 2012 Peach Jam cobbler contest at Grant Park Farmers Market with this summer delight.

Cabbagetown Market and Grill

In the late 1920s, at least ten stores served the Cabbagetown cotton mill and its workers. The only one of those stores still operating is the colorful Cabbagetown Market and Grill. Leon Little, son of founder James Little, sold it in 2006 to Lisa Hanson, a native of Canada who grew up in the south of France and spent most of her adult life in Manhattan, working for various museums. Her unorthodox personality and eclectic interests (she publishes a newspaper about craft beer in the Southeast and recently “curated” Southern pickles for Slow Food USA in San Francisco) shape a business that remains crucial to the neighborhood.

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