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Review: Good Word Brewing & Public House

Review: The Brick Store team goes OTP with Good Word Brewing & Public House

What’s the next logical step for the beer experts behind Brick Store Pub in Decatur? How about a revolutionary brewpub engineered for conversation and focused on community in what’s perhaps the region’s next big destination for hip eating and drinking: Duluth.
Three Taverns Brewery

Atlanta Craft Brewery Guide

Find your new favorite beer with our guide to 17 Atlanta-area craft breweries—including SweetWater, Terrapin, Three Taverns, Red Brick, and more.
Second Self Thai Wheat

The 10 Georgia craft beers you’ll want at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dishes vary from region to region and household to household, but the one constant is that any good dinner has a variety of beverages for pairing at all points of the day—not just the dinner itself, but before and after as well. Here are 10 locally produced beers perfect to have on hand on turkey day.
Second Self Beer Company

Second Self Beer Company to increase production by 150 percent, triple the size of its tasting room

In a clear illustration of the Atlanta beer scene’s rapid and systemic growth, Second Self Beer Co. announced a major expansion and plans for the future this week. The brewery, which opened to the public in the fall of 2014, revealed that its production will increase by approximately 150 percent in 2016 alongside the opening of a much larger taproom, three times the size of their current space.

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