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Find fresh local lamb at Heritage Farm

While most markets sell lamb frozen, Heritage Farm’s Greg and Lainya Hutchins go one better by delivering their prized pastured lamb fresh. They coordinate harvest and delivery with their butcher’s schedule; depending on the size, a leg will go for $40 to $50.

This month’s farmers market find: beets

Have you hated beets since you were a kid? Blame your parents for making you eat the mushy canned ones. But those of us who love this root vegetable know that fresh beets are sweet and nutty, firm in texture, and beautiful—emerging from the ground in shades of white, gold, magenta, candy-striped, and dark maroon.

Rocket man, better known as Arugula

Ever since David Kamp’s book about the evolution of American cuisine, The United States of Arugula, came out in 2006, the peppery, once-unassuming salad green (also known as rocket) has been hijacked into a kind of shorthand for trendy cuisine.

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