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A love letter to Green's liquor store

A love letter to Green’s liquor store

With its recognizable logo in St. Patrick’s Day font, those simple but wonderful green awnings, and that chatty, sweet staff, Green’s operates stores across South Carolina and has two in Atlanta. But the original, and my favorite, dates back to 1937 on Ponce de Leon Avenue.
A love letter to a Pakistani clothing shop

A love letter to a Pakistani clothing shop

Seconds off Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross, a small shopping complex is filled with the usual strip mall staples: Kroger, Pizza Hut, GNC, a hair salon. But unless you were part of the Pakistani and Kashmiri immigrant scene, you would never know, or guess, that sandwiched between the GNC and the hair salon is J. Junaid Jamshed (or just J.), a Pakistani fashion retail store stocked with light, soft, warm weather–friendly clothes that are almost impossible to find elsewhere without paying a hefty price.
Whiskey Bird’s signature frosé

A love letter to the wine slushie

Some wines are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are thrust into slushie machines and emerge as frosé.
A love letter to Arabia Mountain

A love letter to Arabia Mountain

In 2015, when my wife and I moved to Atlanta, I was looking for familiarity. I found it in a granite rock called Arabia Mountain.
Jerk chicken, rice, and vegetables

Lilburn has become incredibly diverse—and that’s made its food scene better

As a kid, I was comfortable not just with a diversity of flavors but a diversity of people. As a journalist, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling and reporting stories around the world—but I owe my appreciation of diverse cultures to my own hometown of Lilburn.
R. Thomas

As a misfit teen, R. Thomas was my late-night savior

No other place came as close to satisfying my simultaneous yearnings for discovery and acceptance as this weirdly tropical and uncharacteristically health-focused restaurant. When I found R. Thomas, it didn’t fit in, and I therefore believed in my teenage heart that it was just like me.

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