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Angus Brown and Nhan Le’s 8ARM opens Wednesday. Take a first look at the dinner menu.

There have been a lot of rumors about what to expect from 8ARM, Angus Brown and the Nhan Le’s new restaurant at 710 Ponce de Leon Ave. But Brown himself now says it’s a full-service restaurant with a straightforward menu focused on Japanese-style simplicity.
Lusca Seafood

[UDPATED] Lusca is closing to become a catering facility; Angus Brown and Nhan Le to open new restaurant on the Atlanta BeltLine

Lusca is closing in January to become a catering facility. Angus Brown explains why he's making the switch and how he and Nhan Le almost left Atlanta to open a restaurant in New York.

Chef Angus Brown on the weirdest customer ever at late-night Octopus Bar

Angus Brown, of Octopus Bar and Lusca, discusses traveling to Vietnam, his weirdest customer, and why he loves Alice Waters.


Angus Brown and Nhan Le’s joint in the old Bluefin space in Brookwood Hills is a venture into the mainstream.

New app lets diners snag last-minute reservations at booked restaurants

Santosh Jayaram, former vice president of operations at Twitter, and Peter Goettner, a venture capitalist, were tired of settling for second- and third-tier restaurants just because they didn’t plan weeks in advance. And during their travels, hotel concierges admitted that getting guests into popular restaurants was one of the hardest parts of their jobs. Together, they decided to do something about it.

Breaking down Atlanta’s James Beard Award nominees for 2015

Atlanta scored big on this year’s list of James Beard Award semifinalists with a record number of nominees. Thirteen Atlanta chefs and restaurants made the cut (fourteen, if you count The Grey in Savannah). Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, March 24.

Looking back, the top dining news from 2014

It was the year of the city center. With the opening of Buckhead Atlanta, Inman Park’s Krog Street Market, and Alpharetta’s Avalon, restaurants opened in droves. Local chefs got a nod from the James Beard Foundation, a lime shortage caused momentary panic, and one popular pop-up signed on its first brick-and-mortar location. Read on as we remember when.

New Restaurant: Lusca

The biggest splash of 2014 came from Angus Brown and Nhan Le of East Atlanta’s Octopus Bar. The new spot enjoys a lofty space, a superior cocktail bar with a proper wine list, a raw bar, and gracious service.

Meet one of the greatest charcutiers in the country: Lusca’s Jonathan Sellitto

Although charcuterie is the passion of young chefs, it’s the professional butchers who salt, smoke, and grind with greater success. To find the best of both worlds—someone with the skills of a butcher and the mind of a chef—you’ll need to meet Jonathan Sellitto, who oversees the charcuterie at Lusca.


It’s early evening, and once again I am at Lusca, Angus Brown and Nhan Le’s south Buckhead restaurant in the revamped space of what was once the nouveau slick Bluefin.

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