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It’s increasingly rare for a marriage to cross party lines. Can such couples offer us hope?

Going into the relationship, Dave and Jessica knew they had their differences. He’s Black, and she’s white. He’s a 50-year-old Gen Xer; she’s a 38-year-old Millennial. But to many people, the difference that’s most surprising isn’t any of these: It’s that he’s a Republican, and she’s a Democrat.
Homeownership Burden

How a professional worrier learned to share the burden of homeownership

When I lived in this house alone, every gurgle of the pipes, every sag in the floorboards had signaled a potential disaster. And every disaster meant a bill. Now here I was, standing in the kitchen with the man I’d married less than a month before. For the first time in my life, someone wanted to share the burden of homeownership. But I was having trouble letting him.

Love at the DeKalb County Courthouse

Seven newlywed couples at the DeKalb County Courthouse tell us how they met and why they decided to get married on one December afternoon.

More women shunning marriage

Try before you buy. That's the motto of more women who are choosing to live together before getting married. According to a study released by the CDC, 48% of women live with their significant other without asking for a ring. That's a significant jump from 43% in 2002 and 35% in 1995.

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