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47. Listen to MLK

There are few places in Atlanta we call sacred, but the sanctuary of Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church is one of them.

King Center honoree Muhammad Yunus: “Poverty is the denial of all human rights.”

This August will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech, the landmark oratory for which he is most remembered. Since then, a couple generations of school kids have learned about King and his dream—and for many, the two ideas—King and dreaming of equality—are so conflated we forget King crusaded against what he called the “triple evils” of poverty, militarism, and racism.

Playwright Katori Hall on bringing The Mountaintop to King’s hometown

Writer and Memphis native Katori Hall’s play "The Mountaintop," a fictional account of the final night of Martin Luther King Jr’s life, concludes its well-received Atlanta run this weekend at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre. The play made its U.S. debut on Broadway last year in a $3 million production directed by Leon and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett. In an exclusive interview with Atlanta magazine, Hall took time out from writing the screenplay based her new play “Hurt Village” to talk about bringing “The Mountaintop” to Atlanta.

How Southern Are We?

What does it mean to “be Southern”? An entire academic subculture is devoted to “Southern Identity,” but even its scholars haven’t reached consensus.

The murder of Alberta King

On Sunday June 30 1974, Alberta Christine Williams King played “The Lord’s Prayer” on the organ of Ebenezer Baptist, the church where her father, A.D. Williams, her husband, Martin Luther King Sr., and son, Martin Luther King Jr., all had served as pastors.

50 Who Made Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr.

The greatest orator of the twentieth century inspired seismic changes at home that reverberated around the world.


One of the city’s poorest neighborhoods is a block-shaped section of the westside known as The Bluff. Nearly 4,000 people live there, on the rough end of the wealth gap.
Joseph E. Lowery

The Reverend Joseph Lowery

The Reverend Joseph Lowery is uncharacteristically quiet as he sits at a long table inside the modest room in Downtown’s Atlanta Life Insurance Company building. Between bites of fried chicken and peach cobbler, he occasionally interjects or asks a question, but mostly he listens attentively, staring out at a group that’s as diverse as the issues for which its members are so passionate.


Mary McMullen Francis doesn’t remember many details of August 30, 1961: the dress she wore or what her mother said before she walked out the door or the names of her teachers. But she remembers how eerily empty the street was of cars and people.


The remarkable behind-the-scenes story of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1968 funeral.

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