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The Christiane Chronicles: The tyranny of seasonal eating, and 10 spices to kick to the curb

I’ll just say it: Seasonal eating has become tyranny. Although I love the first crunchy radishes of spring, the ripe tomatoes of summer, and the versatile varieties of winter squash, too many chefs today feel they must marry their entire menus to Mother Nature, offering dishes for as long as a sunset.

Asante to open in former Peasant Bistro space November 10

Marvin Woods—a chef with twenty-five years of experience including Café Beulah in New York and the now-defunct Spice in Atlanta—is opening a “coastal soul” restaurant in the Luckie-Marietta district of downtown Atlanta on November 10. Called Asante, which means "gratitude" in Swahili, the restaurant combines influences from the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Africa and the southern states.

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