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Townsend Literary Prize

How the Townsend Prize for Fiction, which honors Georgia writers, came to be

James L. Townsend, Atlanta magazine's founding editor, passed away in 1981 after a battle with cancer. At his funeral, several former close associates—including Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons, and Terry Kay—decided to launch a literary award in his honor. Recent winners inspire us to follow Townsend’s frequent admonition: “Brilliant, dear heart. Write it down. Write it all down.”

Mama and the Host of Golden Daffodils

Woodlands, as we called Barnsley, had long been wilderness, with its battered mansion and broken heart. I grew up on the legends.
Mary Hood

Mary Hood’s new book proves again she is one of Georgia’s—and America’s—best writers

Fifty years ago, Mary Hood was sitting in a classroom at Georgia Tech, where she was a graduate physics student, when she encountered the following test question: If it’s raining and a man needs to get to his car, will he get wetter if he runs or if he walks?

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