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Marc’s Chicken Salad with Peach Mayonnaise and Spiced Pecans

Folks in the Delta cannot get enough chicken salad. Rare is the lunch menu that doesn't offer it the classic way-plenty of real mayo (no Miracle Whip!), chopped celery, at least a touch of onion, and more often that not, a dollop or two of sweet pickle relish.

Carvel Grant Gould’s Spicy Mayonnaise

This zingy, pink-tinged mayonnaise spices up an old-fashioned aspic, and it also takes the bland out of potato salad, slaw, and deviled eggs. For a lovely traditional mayonnaise, skip the paprika and cayenne, or reduce to a tiny pinch.

Shrimp Salad

In a place where the weather is warm and fresh-caught shrimp are plentiful seven months out of the year, shrimp salad is, of course, a standard in any cook’s repertory. The Savannah recipes are legion, but one of the mot common is made pretty much like St. John’s crab salad.

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