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Jannquell Peters

Meet the Other Mayors: Jannquell Peters, East Point

When she’s not representing her 35,500 constituents, New Orleans native Jannquell Peters is a family law attorney and businesswoman who opened metro Atlanta’s first standalone indoor cycling studio.
Willie Oswalt

Meet the Other Mayors: Willie Oswalt, Lake City

At 74, Oswalt was first elected to city council in Lake City in 1972. The retired high school teacher and coach says his political tenure reflects his city’s (population: 3,000) old-school ways.
Allison Wilkerson

Meet the Other Mayors: Allison Wilkerson, Grayson

Allison Wilkerson is the first female mayor in the 114-year history of Grayson, a southeastern Gwinnett city of 2,700.

Meet the Other Mayors: Deborah Jackson, Lithonia

The attorney discusses Lithonia's firm foundation, big plans, and a pitch for millennials.

Meet the Other Mayors: Vanessa Fleisch, Peachtree City

Elected in a December 2013 runoff, Fleisch, a former CNN producer, became the first female mayor of this Fayette County planned community of 35,000, best known for its network of golf cart paths.


On September 12, as part of its fiftieth anniversary celebration, Atlanta magazine invited every living mayor of Atlanta to come together for a discussion of the city.

Fixer, Charmer, Builder, Mayor.

The mayor of Atlanta lives alone on a hill at the edge of the city, in a five-bedroom house that serves as a hotel. He is rarely seen there, except on Sundays or when he’s asleep, four to six hours a night, and even then police watch the house in rotating shifts. No wonder he keeps the blinds drawn.

Shirley Franklin, Sewer Mayor

The self-proclaimed "sewer mayor" is fearless fighting to fix the city. No wonder she's the best thing to happen to Atlanta.

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