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Kerry Escobedo meat paintings

The subject of painter Kerry Escobedo’s portraits? Raw meat.

Meat is more than food to Decatur-based artist Kerry Escobedo. Each cut is a map of an animal’s life, deserving of portraiture. And it’s almost exclusively what she’s been painting for the past few years.

Why Pine Street Market’s Rusty Bowers will never sell filet mignon

Pine Street Market's Rusty Bowers on the value of culinary school, his favorite steak, and the weirdest thing he's ever butchered.
Carlton Farms cows

Would you buy beef from the back of a trailer? You should if it’s from Carlton Farms.

Carlton’s cattle spend their entire lives on organically managed pastures in Rockmart and never end up on a feedlot for “grain finishing.” As a result, the beef is lean, flavorful, and loaded with omega-3s.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Butcher: Pine Street Market

With one of the friendliest smiles in town, Rusty Bowers doesn’t look like someone who breaks down animal carcasses for a living.

Find fresh local lamb at Heritage Farm

While most markets sell lamb frozen, Heritage Farm’s Greg and Lainya Hutchins go one better by delivering their prized pastured lamb fresh. They coordinate harvest and delivery with their butcher’s schedule; depending on the size, a leg will go for $40 to $50.

What happens when a lifelong vegetarian eats the parts menu at Holeman and Finch?

I wish I could say there was one life-changing experience that caused me to be a vegetarian for twenty-three years, but really, it just happened. My father, who is what we’ve always called a...

Jerry Slater’s Meat-and-Rice-Stuffed Peppers

The whippoorwill tattooed on Jerry Slater’s left forearm pays tribute to the birds his grandmother admired in the mountains of rural West Virginia where Slater, owner of H. Harper Station, was raised.

Got Your Goat?

Goat meat, though not exactly beloved by mainstream America, is the most widely consumed red meat in the world.

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