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This creative dessert is a feast for the eyes—and the palate

The first time that executive pastry chef Danielle Sanchez walked into the Setai Miami Beach hotel, she remembers it being “romantic and dark and smelling like lemongrass and spices.” Sanchez conjures those sensations when brainstorming new pastries at Jaya, the Asian-inspired restaurant at this luxury property that once housed the historic Vanderbilt Hotel.
Culinary travel: Where to eat while visiting Miami

Culinary travel: Where to eat while visiting Miami

Miami is America’s modern-day melting pot, where immigrants from South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe all exert a profound effect on the city’s culture. The restaurant scene might be the most tangible evidence. Family restaurants offer every type of Latin American and Afro-Caribbean fare, and there are fine-dining establishments that represent these eclectic cuisines. This mix of food is hard to find anywhere else in the U.S. and makes Miami a can’t-miss food destination.

Miami by Night: Exploring the vibrancy of the city after dark

There’s something undeniably magnetic about Miami after the sun goes down, when the balmy air and neon lights create an atmosphere removed from reality. Whether it’s the clave pulsating from salsa clubs or the crowds strolling down Ocean Drive, the nighttime energy in Miami is palpable. Come along as we meander through Miami at its quintessential best, from tropical sunset to happy hour sunrise.

Where to eat, shop, and dance in Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami

Just a quick drive across the bridge from Miami Beach, the neighborhood of Little Havana possesses the lively, colorful atmosphere emblematic of the city—and of Cuba.

The Gold Standard: Step inside glamorous Faena Hotel Miami Beach

In a city with glittering skyscrapers and multimillion-dollar yachts, Faena Hotel Miami Beach provides guests with a truly over-the-top experience.

Feast your eyes on 3 unique arts attractions around the Southeast

If you like IMAX, you’ll love Illuminarium, a new attraction on the city’s BeltLine. A 350-foot wraparound screen is enhanced by piped-in scents (like damp earth in the ongoing Wild: Safari Experience).

3 killer hotel restaurants around the Southeast

Stay and eat at these three stellar spots in Miami, Amelia Island, and Highlands.

Meet all creatures great and small at these 5 zoos around the South

Open since 1889, Zoo Atlanta has several claims to fame—three of them being its beloved giant pandas. (This zoo is one of only three in the country that houses the vulnerable species.)

Want Food, Will Travel: 8 Southern plates worth the drive—or flight

Would you jet to Miami for a Cuban hamburger? Take a trip to Savannah for foie gras and grits? How about head to Asheville for a whole-hog pulled-pork plate? Some dishes are so remarkable, they’re worth traveling that extra mile—or even hundreds of miles.

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