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Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl loss

The Atlanta Falcons are uplifting and frustrating—and I love them

I moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis in July 2007, just months after the Colts won their first Super Bowl victory. A week later, Michael Vick was indicted. I traded a dynasty for a laughingstock. But hope arrived when Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008.
Dan Quinn

Can Dan Quinn do for the Atlanta Falcons what Mike Smith couldn’t?

Moments after the Falcons wrapped up day one of training camp, Dan Quinn faced his morning’s biggest challenge: parting the sea of reporters and cameras on hand to hear the rookie head coach’s thoughts.

Four takeaways from the firing of Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith

Today’s announcement that Falcons owner Arthur Blank had fired head coach Mike Smith surprised no one who saw yesterday’s shellacking by the Panthers, but it didn’t make it any less sad.

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