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Who are Atlanta’s millennials?

In an Atlanta magazine survey, metro millennials described themselves as hobbled by student loan debt, largely nonreligious, and tech-savvy. Perhaps surprisingly, even though our 180 survey respondents chafed at many of the negative stereotypes surrounding their generation, they also conceded that there might be some truth behind them.
Millennials photoshoot

Editor’s Note: Those Darn kids

Human beings have been complaining about the next generation since Adam and Eve first put Cain in time-out for picking on his brother. It’s a law of nature. But only in the past century have we been ascribing labels to generations: the Silent Generation, baby boomers, Generation X, millennials.

Make way for Atlanta’s millennials

Young adults have always commanded a certain amount of attention. Wide-eyed, unseasoned, and often commitment-free, they’re generally more willing to take risks and disrupt the status quo. But millennials have had an especially scrutinized turn in the cultural spotlight.

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