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Grant Park Farmers Market

Shop at a farmers market all year round

No matter the season, Atlanta has a wealth of farmers markets. And as urban and small farms gain a foothold here, our offerings continue to become more diverse.

5 Atlanta-area farmers markets that will be open this winter

Can't bear to be without your farmers market haul in the winter? Here are five metro Atlanta markets that stay open year-round.

Watch and learn: 4 free farmers market demos in Atlanta

What you can learn during demos at Grant Park Farmers Market, Piedmont Park Green Market, Morningside Farmers Market, and Peachtree Road Farmers Market.

Remembering Ann Brewer, the driving force behind Atlanta’s farmers markets

If you’ve ever enjoyed local produce in an Atlanta restaurant or visited an area farmers market, you likely have Ann Brewer to thank. More than two decades ago, she helped launch and run Georgia Grown Cooperative, which sold locally grown food to restaurant chefs and led ultimately to the founding of Morningside Farmers Market.

Rocket man, better known as Arugula

Ever since David Kamp’s book about the evolution of American cuisine, The United States of Arugula, came out in 2006, the peppery, once-unassuming salad green (also known as rocket) has been hijacked into a kind of shorthand for trendy cuisine.

Kale haters, be warned: It’s in your soup

Last week’s stretch of cold, rainy days put me in a soup-making mood, and after several evenings of dicing and simmering, I noticed a theme emerge. Pretty much every pot of soup I made got topped off with a generous quantity of chopped kale.

Feast on local strawberries at Morningside Farmers Market

Strawberry season is currently upon us here in Georgia, so Slow Food Atlanta and its student chapter at Le Cordon Bleu-Atlanta are hosting a strawberry celebration at the Morningside Farmers Market this Saturday. There will be plenty of opportunities to sample the super-sweet local strawberries that put those overpriced packages of Driscoll’s to shame. Slow Food volunteers will be serving up strawberry shortcakes made with local berries and local cream from Sparkman’s Dairy. The shortcakes cost $5 for what I’m told is a generous portion, and proceeds go to the Morningside Market and these local chapters of the international Slow Food organization. (Full disclosure: I’m a student at LCB-Atlanta, but not involved with planning this event).

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