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Thoughts of home

How my family’s move to Kirkwood filled the “empty spot” in an elderly widow’s heart

Me and my newlywed husband moved to a Kirkwood home with its owner, the lovely Mrs. Langley, an elderly widow. One day we went out for the night and Mrs. Langley said “I felt a little empty spot after you left.” Thoughts of that “empty spot” stayed with us, and we have referred to it many times—sometimes jokingly but always with love.

Bust a Move

I obviously think I’m stronger than I am. Why else would I try to carry a whole house on my back? And granted, I only moved across the street, but now that I’ve done it, I think it’s actually harder to move an entire household a tiny distance than it is to move it a big one.

The Tape Unravels

There is a drawer in my house that contains nothing but tape. That’s it. Tape. Scotch, packing, masking, gaffer, measuring, and painters.

Life in the Fairlane

It wasn’t the most comfortable ride, or the most exciting, but it managed to light up every single one of my senses in a way that resonates with me to this day.

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