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10 dishes that prove mushrooms are taking over Atlanta

10 dishes that prove mushrooms are taking over Atlanta

Chefs today are building dishes around mushrooms that let their earthiness shine and allow their textures to reach their potential. Of course, if you’re watching HBO’s The Last of Us, mushrooms might be the last thing you’re craving, but, everyone else—let’s rejoice.

Mushroom Foraging

Five of us were foraging at Candler Park this summer, after weeks of biblical rain had made for plentiful mushrooms. Our eyes were trained on the mossy ground under oaks and conifers, where golden chanterelles had risen in clusters—known as a “flush”—with their fleshy orange and yellow caps shaped like blousy tulips.

Sparta’s growing mushroom empire

In a cotton warehouse–turned–furniture factory in Sparta—a town almost equidistant between Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon—stand two long greenhouse frames encased in a double layer of thick plastic.

Spinach Salad with Mahogany-Roasted Mushrooms and Onions

Volunteering to bring a simple tossed salad to a potluck makes life easy, but it does not do much to boost your self-esteem as a creative cook. That's why I was happy to discover this great suggestion in Anne Byrn's 2007 What Can I Bring? Cookbook.

Fall Brussels Sprouts With Frisee and Bacon

Chef Derek Smith of Organic Eatz suggests dressing this dish up for holidays with a garnish of chopped toasted chestnuts or almonds.

Chicken Pot Pie

From "Seasoned in the South" by Bill Smith. People love this when cold weather comes. I serve the pies in one-and-one-quarter-cup ramekins that look like little baked bean pots. I suppose that you could make one large pie, but I have never tried.

My Mother’s Chicken Spaghetti

From "Craig Claiborne’s Southern Cooking" by Craig Claiborne

Chicken and Dumplings

Cakes & Ale—the hip little Decatur haven for farm-to-table foodies—offers a European-inspired twist to this Southern classic. The dumplings are actually the little potato-y dough puffs known in Italy as gnocchi.

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