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Albert Schweitzer Memorial

Albert Schweitzer Organ vs. Mighty Mo: How does the new size up with the old?

The mere sound of air shrilling through metal organ pipes summons images of cavernous churches and movie houses and long-dead virtuosos. In that context, Spivey Hall’s 25-year-old Albert Schweitzer Memorial Organ is just a babe. So how does this newcomer size up against metro Atlanta’s ranking piper, the Fox Theatre’s “Mighty Mo?”
Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Every year Georgia Tech hosts a search for the world’s best new musical instruments

Most of the musical instruments that we play today have been around for decades or even centuries, from the piano (introduced around 1700) to the electric guitar (1931). At Georgia Tech’s annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, however, inventors show off what could be the instruments of the future.

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