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Levi Lowrey

Going Country Without Nashville

Here in Georgia, a few country musicians are taking a pass on Music City, choosing not just to live here but to write, record, and perform here. The decision comes at a cost.

Nashville Night & Day

With so much to see and hear and taste, it’s a good thing Nashville is also known as a town that rises early and stays up late, affording visitors plenty of time to take advantage of the round-the-clock fun.

When in Nashville

If you visit Music City, you won’t have trouble finding Belle Meade Bourbon, and you just might bump into whiskey makers Andy and Charlie Nelson at a favorite watering hole or diner.

CMA Music Festival in Nashville

More than 400 artists, 200-plus hours of concerts, and 80,000 festivalgoers at a dozen or so stages in downtown Nashville. The Country Music Association’s four-day event is dedicated to helping fans get close to their idols.
Street Smart: 12South

Street Smart: Nashville’s 12th Avenue South

A decade ago, the New York Times declared 12South, a ten-block east Nashville neighborhood, an up-and-coming hot spot.

Nashville for the Holidays

First there was Bon Appétit’s feature in February, which dubbed Nashville “the coolest, tastiest city in the South.” The New York Times gushed over the town in June, causing the local alt weekly, the Nashville Scene, to bristle over excessive use of the word hipster.

Natchez Trace

I smelled something dead as I mounted my LeMond. The temperature was already topping 90 degrees before eleven in the morning on the outskirts of...

Nashville, TN

Next month, thousands of people will follow the neon lights of Nashville into the District, the downtown area that includes Riverfront Park, Lower Broadway, and Printer’s Alley. ...

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