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American Ninja Warrior Atlanta

Think you could be an American Ninja Warrior? Meet 3 Atlantans who competed this season.

“Every time I watched the show, I would think, ‘I can do that!’” Atlantan Mindy Hylton says. “The more I watched it, the more I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.”

3 Atlanta-filmed TV pilots debuting this season

Get the scoop on three new TV series that filmed pilots here in Atlanta over the summer, now ready for prime time

‘Constantine,’ filmed entirely in Atlanta, debuts this week

Evidently NBC hopes demons are the new zombies. Its new show, Constantine, filmed entirely in Atlanta, is based on a comics series about a demon hunter.

It’s Friday. Here’s a clip of Donald Glover getting hit in the groin

The cast of NBC's "Community" is less than thrilled Donald Glover will only appear in five epidoes of the show's upcoming fifth season. The Stone Mountain-born actor-cum-rapper is off to FX to produce a music-centric series entitled "Atlanta."

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