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One night at Northside Tavern

One night at Northside Tavern

Amid a landscape of shiny new “West Midtown” development, a shabby old blues club is an oasis of old-school debauchery.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

9. Northside Tavern

Our fervent hope is that present and future owners of Northside Tavern forever resist the urge to cash in by selling the land on which this institution sits, one of the last true dives in Atlanta and home to some of the best live blues.
Northside Tavern

Relish the blues at Blind Willie’s and Northside Tavern

Though Blind Willie’s has a Cajun feel and Northside Tavern has more of a roadhouse vibe, these two mainstays have a lot in common.  Small, dark, and loud, these blues bars that are full of character—and interesting characters.
Eddie Tigner and Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck

Musicians Eddie Tigner and Daniel “Mudcat” Dudeck forged a friendship through some real-life blues

At 2:10 a.m. on a Sunday, the inside of Northside Tavern looks like a music­al tempest has blown through. The barbecue has disappeared from its foil pans, and PBR empties crowd the barrel-mounted octagonal tabletops. Outside, black Uber cars collect and discharge passengers. But Eddie Tigner, four hours into his birthday show, has no plans to wind down for the night.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Dive Bar: Northside Tavern

Sparkly new buildings are going up on all sides of the iconic Northside Tavern, a grungy box serving up PBR and live blues music nightly—now smack-dab in the middle of the burgeoning Westside.

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