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Girl Diver

The verdict on 3 new Atlanta restaurants: Girl Diver, Ok Yaki, and the Chastain

Richard Tang’s latest mixes Asian cuisines, Ok Yaki seems straight from Japan, and the Chastain opens in a legendary space

Eat This: Illegal Food’s Okonomiyaki Fries

Steven Lingenfelter, the owner and chef of Illegal Food, is an unlikely ambassador for Japanese food. He’s never been to Japan, and he grew up eating “meat and potatoes.” But his version of okonomiyaki, a savory japanese pancake, is one of Atlanta’s most well known dishes.
Okonomiyaki at Illegal Food

Fries: Okonomiyaki at Illegal Food

Don’t let the intimidating pronunciation stop you from ordering these satisfying Osaka-style fries, festooned with pickled ginger, fermented chili sauce, toasted seaweed, and Japanese mayo—all topped with pencil shavings of bonito flakes (dried and fermented fish).

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