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Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Restaurant parking nightmares, and Sobban’s impressive garden

The absolute worst part about my otherwise enviable job? Parking. Depending on where I go, I’m left to navigate wonky meters, spiral-of-death garages (Empire State South), ridiculously steep terrain (Bell Street Burritos in south Buckhead), and dark, suspicious lots (basically everywhere in Little Five Points and East Atlanta).

9. One Eared Stag

Robert Phalen probably wishes that people would stop talking about his burger, but it’s his own fault for concocting something this addictive—and giving it such a provocative name.

We asked 4 Atlanta chefs, “What’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten?”

Robert Phalen, Steven Satterfield, Linton Hopkins, and Ford Fry dish on their all-time favorites

Why two patties aren’t always better than one

Kitchens breed two kinds of burgers: There’s the thick single patty—a backyard classic that’s tossed on a grill and singed by fire. And then there’s the thin double patty that sizzles and sears on a flattop, its edges all crisp and crunch.

Brunch: One Eared Stag

Think brunch is boring? Tell that to Robert Phalen, who tops fluffy biscuits with fried chicken and a rich sausage gravy and nestles soft-poached eggs in a bed of curried chickpeas.

Barn to Bun: How many miles do the ingredients in your burger travel?

We thought this would be easy: Call a restaurant, ask them where they source their ingredients, and tally the miles. Turns out, tracing the farm-to-table distance of several of Atlanta’s “local” burgers isn’t so simple. See how they stack up.

Check, please: Bill Addison’s final list of favorite Atlanta restaurants

Forks up, y’all: We’ll soon witness an unprecedented surge of restaurant openings in Atlanta. It’s about time.

9 restaurants for staying satisfied during Passover

Passover started last night, but before you resort to matzo pizza, hear us out. While Kosher restaurants are few and far between, it is possible to "keep Passover" at many places, if you choose wisely. Below, nine restaurant recommendations for the tastiest Passover you've ever had.

Robert Phalen on leaving Holy Taco and his future business plans

At the end of January, the rumor mill started humming that Robert Phalen, owner and executive chef of One Eared Stag, had parted ways with his electric taqueria, Holy Taco. Phalen didn’t make a public announcement, and the restaurant continued on with Doug Rouen as its chef de cuisine. We recently caught up with Phalen to hear about the break up and his future plans.

Top ten places to eat fried chicken in Atlanta

Our definitive word on the gospel bird.

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