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9 restaurants for staying satisfied during Passover

Passover started last night, but before you resort to matzo pizza, hear us out. While Kosher restaurants are few and far between, it is possible to "keep Passover" at many places, if you choose wisely. Below, nine restaurant recommendations for the tastiest Passover you've ever had.

Robert Phalen on leaving Holy Taco and his future business plans

At the end of January, the rumor mill started humming that Robert Phalen, owner and executive chef of One Eared Stag, had parted ways with his electric taqueria, Holy Taco. Phalen didn’t make a public announcement, and the restaurant continued on with Doug Rouen as its chef de cuisine. We recently caught up with Phalen to hear about the break up and his future plans.

Top ten places to eat fried chicken in Atlanta

Our definitive word on the gospel bird.

One Eared Stag

Start the day gently with thick Greek-style yogurt scattered with fruit and nuts, or go the full Phalen with a stack of sourdough waffles glossed with duck liver butter and topped with seared duck liver and sorghum.

Vote now for your favorite restaurants in our Final Fork bracket

Voting for Round One ends today at 11 p.m.

One Eared Stag to host “End of the World” dinner

As you may know, the Mayan calendar predicts the world will end on December 21, 2012. (Check out the video below if you need an idea of what that will look like.) Considering that the date is coming soon, there are some things you might want to think about, like what you should wear, who you want to be with, and what you want to be doing when the world ends. Chef Robert Phalen of One Eared Stag has one suggestion: come have dinner at his restaurant. For the evening, he's hosting a dinner of apocalyptic proportions. We asked Phalen a few questions about the dinner.

Empire State South dinner tonight with Amateur Gourmet’s Adam Roberts

Over fried chicken, biscuits, sausage gravy, grits, and a half-order of blueberry waffles at One Eared Stag yesterday, I caught up with blogger extraordinaire Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet. We first met early last year when Roberts was in town researching his new book, Secrets of the Best Chefs—though Roberts started his blogging career in Atlanta in 2004. His book's official release date is November 13, but Roberts was in town this past weekend for Taste of Atlanta, and tonight Empire State South is hosting a four-course dinner for Roberts that includes a copy of the book.

Hot Dish: Heirloom tomatoes at One Eared Stag

A few friends and I dropped into One Eared Stag early in the evening last week for a few drinks and snacks. It was that casual kind of night where everyone agrees to order something slightly different (a salad, a meat, a finger snack, and so on) to share while ordering all too many cocktails. Right as we were taking our first sips, a bowl of Hammock Hallows heirloom tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, tomato water, radish, and edible flowers landed on the table and everyone's jaws just about hit the floor.

One Eared Stag

Cauliflower sauteed with dates and green olives on a taqueria menu? I encountered this oddball side dish in January the first time I ate at East Atlanta's Holy Taco. It certainly seemed out of place alongside guacamole and brisket tacos, but the combination itself, when I tasted it, wasn’t outlandish at all: The salty-sweet tango of slivered Medjool dates and snippets of nutty Lucques olives entwined the same way that chocolate with pretzels or bacon with maple syrup do, and the neutral cauliflower made for a receptive backdrop.

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