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Your guide to Georgia's remote islands

What to know about Georgia’s remote islands

A quick guide about Wassaw Island, Ossabaw Island, St. Catherines Island, Blackbeard Island, Wolf Island, and Little Raccoon Key
Emory’s Georgia Coast Atlas allows anyone to visit the barrier islands virtually

Emory’s Georgia Coast Atlas allows anyone to visit the barrier islands virtually

Many of the dozen or so islands that make up the Georgia coast are notoriously inaccessible. Most, in fact, are reachable only by ferry or charter boat. Of course, that very remoteness has preserved 100 miles of relatively natural landscape, unmatched along the Eastern Seaboard. Now, researchers and students at Emory University’s departments of environmental sciences and history and its Center for Digital Scholarship (best known for its decades-long effort to document voyages of enslaved people) are creating an online portal, open to the public, that allows anyone to visit the islands virtually. The rapidly expanding Georgia Coast Atlas features flyover footage, video interviews, informative articles, historical documents, annotated maps, and other resources.

An indigo revival in the South

Indigo—that iconic hue that is synonymous with denim everywhere—was the most valued natural dye of the ancient world, and also made the fortunes of many plantation owners in the Lowcountry in the 1700s. Now, the variety once grown in the South, Indigo suffruticosa, is being revived by artisans and farmers, from Athens to Ossabaw and Sapelo islands, to the suburbs of Atlanta.
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

Six of Georgia’s natural wonders

From rivers to caves, swamps to beaches, our state has a lot of natural beauty. Six wonders, including Okeffenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Ellison's Cave, Ossabaw Island, and more.

15. Eleanor Torrey West, Ossabaw Island

Eleanor “Sandy” Torrey West turned 102 in January, and she still lives in the pink stucco Spanish Revival mansion on 26,000-acre Ossabaw Island, which her parents bought in 1924.

23. How to visit Ossabaw Island

Several times a year, anyone can explore this remote paradise through the nonprofit Ossabaw Island Foundation.

5. Ossabaw Island Hog

Georgia has its own version of Jamón Ibérico. The isolated Ossabaw Island hog is a descendant of the famed Spanish pigs brought over by colonists four centuries ago.

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