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For these six artists, nature is both a catalyst and a muse

Pam Longobardi is an Atlanta-based professor, artist, and founder of the Drifters Project, which mobilizes cleaning efforts along coastlines around the world. She is known for her assemblages, abstract paintings, documentary photos, and large-scale installations made of discarded plastic collected from waterways and beaches. Like other nature-focused artists, her art sees both the environment’s beauty and its proximity to peril. Here are five more artists doing the same: combining nature, art, and climate action.

Atlanta loves art festivals, but local artists are still struggling

The sun shines, birds sing, dogwoods bloom, and weekends brim with festivals. It’s time to grab a beer, take in some music. . . buy some art? Hold on a minute. Atlanta’s festival culture—which, thanks to our mellow climate, is basically a year-round phenomenon—may delude us into thinking we’re supporting the creative class.

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