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Rediscovery: The Lobster Bar

Ordering lobster in a restaurant can be a harrowing experience. What if you miscalculate and get stuck with a specimen that will drain your savings? What if you make a fool of yourself trying to crack the hard shell?

Q&A with Pano Karatassos

ATL Food Chatter: October 12, 2009 (To receive the Chatter and other culinary tidbits directly in your inbox, sign up for our weekly dining newsletter)Last week, I sat down with Pano Karatassos, whom I consider the Renaissance man of Atlanta’s dining scene. We discussed his views on the current state of Buckhead's dining scene and the ways his company, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, is coping with the economic climate. It seemed particularly appropriate to check in with Karatassos this year, when he’s celebrating his company’s thirtieth year in business.

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