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Carvel Grant Gould’s Spicy Mayonnaise

This zingy, pink-tinged mayonnaise spices up an old-fashioned aspic, and it also takes the bland out of potato salad, slaw, and deviled eggs. For a lovely traditional mayonnaise, skip the paprika and cayenne, or reduce to a tiny pinch.

Collard and Pinto Bean Chili

Looks Indian, tastes Tex-Mex: This winter stew gets its flavor from tomatoes, garlic, cumin and chiles, but the hearty texture comes from chopped collards. I prefer to use organic, salt-free canned beans and tomatoes, which I season to my own taste.

Chickpea and Soba Soup

Romaine lettuce is the surprise green in this main-course soup. The rich broth gets its substance from the chickpeas and buckwheat noodles, while the lettuce adds an occasional crunch.

Avocado with Crabmeat

From Craig Claiborne’s Southern Cooking by Craig Claiborne

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