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Fear and Loving

I’m afraid of the squirrel carcass in my Dumpster right now. For one, I didn’t check to make sure it was really dead, but since I found it hanging from my dog’s mouth, I figured the odds were high.


The realization just came that I was ten when I smoked my first Marlboro. It hit me in the face like a frozen mackerel, because today my own daughter is the same age, and when I look at her I can’t fathom a cigarette on her lip.

The Giving Tree

Some say a weed can’t grow into a tree, but there is a weed growing out from under my neighbor Robert’s house with a trunk the size of my thigh. He should have cut the weed when it was small, but when it comes to his lawn, Robert doesn’t cut much.

Life in the Fairlane

It wasn’t the most comfortable ride, or the most exciting, but it managed to light up every single one of my senses in a way that resonates with me to this day.

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