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Lazy Llama Cantina Atlanta

Is patio dining the future of restaurants?

Some say it’s always patio season in Atlanta—and, with COVID-19 concerns plaguing indoor dining rooms, they could be right.
Fire pit

3 fire pits to upgrade your patio

Thinking of buying a fire pit? Three great options at three different prices from John T. Unger, AuthenTEAK, and Grandin Road.

Splurge or save: Chaises from Janus et Cie and Pier One

A quick look at a Boxwood chaise from Janus et Cie and an Echo Beach chaise from Pier One.

Room envy: Take breath of fresh air in this cozy, private courtyard

Any outdoor room is nice, but a courtyard scores extra points. “It’s an exterior space that’s cozy and private,” says Atlanta architect Timothy Adams, whose patio design in Watercolor, Florida, is surrounded by the house.

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