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Paul Luna stirs up guisados, runs for mayor

Chef Paul Luna of Lunacy Black Market has a lot going on these days. He and his managing partner Laura London, have launched a new and cheap lunch special for $5 they call guisados. The duo has also started an ambitious catering program featuring Italian, Southern and Latin dishes. And Luna, the beloved eccentric by way of the Dominican Republic who brought us Loca Luna, Eclipse di Luna, and his current tapas and wine bar gem Downtown, is seriously considering a move down the street—to the Mayor’s office at City Hall.

Culinary Character: Paul Luna

Among his peers, Paul Luna sticks out like an extreme skateboarder at a golf convention. As tiny and intense in his forties as he was two decades ago when he first landed in Atlanta, he has yet to cut the waist-long hair (now gray) that he braids tightly like a Na’vi in Avatar. His deep, dominant voice has mellowed, and he no longer relies exclusively on curse words for emphasis. Mostly he reserves his wrath for city bureaucrats who made liquor license and parking issues so difficult for Lunacy Black Market, the restaurant he opened in late 2009 on a blighted corner of Downtown.

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