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Georgia Peach treats

Make the most of Georgia Peach season with these 11 treats

Peach season is here, so we've rounded up 11 metro Atlanta peach dishes to try—from doughnuts to salads to ice cream to lumpia.
Georgia Peach Truck

Brandon Smith wants to sell you a fresh Georgia peach

While a graduate student at Georgia State, Smith started bagging peaches on Saturdays to earn a little pocket change and quickly realized he much preferred that to a future of corporate number crunching. Today he spreads the gospel of fresh peaches through farmers market stands and his traveling Georgia Peach Truck.
Peaches at Pearson Farm

Eat a peach at Pearson Farm

This is the Peach State, after all, and you’ll experience it best by going straight to the source.

Bacon-wrapped grilled peaches

Hurry, before summer leaves us and the peaches are gone, check out this fun recipe using my latest kitchen gadget, the Basque Plancha. Think of it as a flame-fueled flattop. In Spain, they use it to cook vegetables, meat, and seafood. I’ve ever seen friends make dessert on it. A regular grill works too.

David Roberts’ gingered peach cobbler with Mom’s streusel topping

Long before Roberts learned how to toy with foie gras under Guenter Seeger, another mentor showed him moves in the kitchen: his mom, Jean Roberts. Today, some of her best creations—like her creamy macaroni and cheese—are signatures at Community Q.

10 peach dishes you need to try now

Given that our ubiquitous state fruit has made its way onto our license plates and street signs on practically every corner, it should come as no surprise that local chefs are also tinkering with the Georgia peach in a number of creative ways.

Fruit of Labor

The Mexicans—thirty-two of them—wait for the pickup truck. They are dressed, almost to a man, in dirty jeans, boots, long sleeves, and baseball caps. Some wear bandannas to shield their necks and ears from legions of gnats. The rising late-summer sun is starting to cut through the morning mist that clings to the orchards and fallow pastures of Peach County like a thin coat of fuzz.

Fried Chicken Livers with Poached Peaches on Arugula

David Sweeney is best known for the stunning salads and vegan creations he served at his still-missed Old Fourth Ward restaurant, Dynamic Dish, which closed in 2010. He was born in Fort Gordon, Georgia, but his military family moved to Europe when he was young, and he lived there for nearly three decades.

At least this compromise comes with peaches

Five years ago, you would have had trouble finding Georgia’s most iconic fruit at a local farmers market. Peaches, like Vidalia onions, are usually grown on large commercial farms and distributed nationally through a system that gives little preference to local retail outlets.

Later than last year, strawberries are on the way

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? If the only Facebook pages you ever visited were for pick-your-own strawberry farms, you’d swear that social media was run entirely by 8-year-olds sitting in the back of a station wagon. Every post is a variation on a single theme: Are you open yet? When will you open? Now? Are you open now?

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