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50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta

50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta and Beyond

Time to get outside and play! From basketball to fishing to hiking to hanging out in a hammock, here's 50 great things to do outdoors around Atlanta.
Showmanship competiton

The Farm Team: Inside the high-stakes world of junior competitive livestock shows

This is the first of four days of the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show—the state championship for students who raise and show pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats instead of shooting free throws or kicking field goals. While football might be Georgia’s weekend religion, agriculture is its everyday way of life—a $74 billion industry, the state’s largest.
James Farmer home

For bestselling author and designer James Farmer, it was finally time to build

James Farmer says it made his day when the cable TV technician asked, “Has this house been in your family for years?” The abode in question was actually brand new but carefully designed to look vintage.

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