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Whoopie Pies

From Ben and Jennifer Johnson, West Egg Cafe

Apple-Walnut Galette

From Stacey Eames, Highland Bakery

Baking Blind: A Beginner’s Pie

Editor's note: For the next couple months, our dining intern Lauren Vaught will be blogging weekly about her forays into learning to bake. She starts with a summery classic, a childhood favorite, but will soon be delving into seasonal treats.Cooking isn’t an everyday activity for me—yet. With the schedule of a student, I’ve lost touch with my oven and formed a dependent relationship with my microwave. But as I come to the end of my college career, I’m beginning to realize how rewarding it is to cook. And I need a bit more reward in my life, so I am making a commitment to myself, a commitment to cook…well, to bake anyway.

Tomato Pie

From "Mary Mac's Tea Room" by John Ferrell. Mary Mac's added this dish to the menu in 2009 and it has quickly risen into the top five side dishes ordered. This is, by far, our most requested recipe.

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