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Where to order Pies for holidays Christmas Atlanta

8 Atlanta pies guaranteed to impress at your holiday feast

Pie is perfect for easily transporting to holiday parties and make a great gift. So what should you serve to impress your friends? Try one of these seasonal picks—think cranberry apple crumble, gingerbread chess, and eggnog custard—from metro Atlanta bakeries.
Hell Yeah Gluten Free

Hell Yeah Gluten Free: Alejandra Luaces wants to change your perception of a gluten-free bakery

Operating under a cottage food license, Luaces makes cakes, doughnuts, turnovers, and more out of her own home. She relies on seasonal ingredients from local farmers to create eye-catching, gluten-free pastries that come in unique flavors—think turmeric-infused golden milk doughnuts and peach tarts with a pecan-hyssop (an herb in the mint family) crust and hyssop meringue.

The Pie Shop

If you met Mims Bledsoe, owner of Buckhead’s delicious new Pie Shop, on the street, you’d never guess what she does for a living. There is something about this tall woman with the coltish beauty of a young Julia Roberts that says good breeding, old money. Her patrician mother looks even more incongruous washing dishes behind the counter, keeping an eye on her twenty-seven-year-old daughter, whom she clearly thinks shouldn’t be alone at 11 p.m. on a Saturday in an isolated space that used to be a commercial bakery.

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