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Eat This: Varasano’s “A Real Veggie” Pizza

Jeff Varasano, the owner of Varasano’s Pizzeria, didn’t believe that a veggie pizza could stand up to next the Neapolitan classics on his menu. But when he wanted to open a franchise in Hartsfield-Jackson, he was contractually obligated to offer one.

Varuni-Napoli founder eyes expansion, new restaurant locations

Luca Varuni, founder of Ansley's Varuni-Napoli, is on the hunt for new locations. He says the restaurant, which opened in 2014, is doing well, and he’s considering a variety of concepts both in the neighborhood and around the city.
O4W Pizza

New Pizza: O4W Pizza

Antico Pizza Napoletana may still hold the city’s title belt, but this modest operation in the Irwin Street Market has emerged as a serious contender.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Place to bring the kids (& eat well, too): Novo Cucina

Toys, a self-service wine station, and orders that come out faster than your two-year-old can say “more snacks!” mean Riccardo Ullio’s Italian outpost is about as family-friendly as a restaurant that doesn’t serve corn dogs can get.

13. Huc-a-Poo’s, Tybee Island

You go to Huc-a-Poo’s for the hassle-free, beach-hangout vibe; the pizza is just a bonus.

Pizza: Slice by Slice

Four of the best pizza slices in the city, from Varasano's, Don Antonio, Antico, and Varuni Napoli.

Spinach, Cherry Tomato, and Feta Pizza

Making pizza at home from scratch isn’t as easy as ordering it to-go, but it doesn’t have to be much harder than that. I recently combined two Food Network recipes (thanks, Rachael and Giada) for an easy dinner that needed only a simple romaine salad to complete. The dough for the extra-crispy crust comes together in minutes with the aid of a food processor, and can be made a day ahead and refrigerated. Vary the toppings to suit you, but I really like this Greek-flavored combo that would be all the better with a scattering of Kalamata olives.  – Susan Puckett

The Apostle of Pizza

The phone rang in Mike Virga’s office in Union, New Jersey, one morning three years ago: “I hear somebody going, ‘I want some of that good Lioni mozzarella. Come on, sell me some. It’s me, Giovanni.’"


Driving thirty miles north to Woodstock from Downtown Atlanta seemed like a short trek when sensational pizza was the payoff. I was in the midst of a metro-wide pizza hunt in February, and glowing Internet reports had lured me to Vingenzo's, which sits near the railroad tracks in Woodstock’s historic commercial district, where buildings erected in 1879 still stand. It was an early Saturday afternoon following a wintry night of snow and ice, yet the dining room hummed with business. The restaurant has obviously found an audience in this growing town of nearly 25,000 people.

Varasano’s Pizzeria

I have, over years of searching for transcendent pizza, developed a quirky progression when I tackle a whole pie. I always begin by ripping off a substantial crescent from the pizza’s brim the moment it arrives. The crust’s appearance and flavor, unadulterated by other ingredients, tell its own complete story.

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