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Revitalization of Edgewood Avenue brings new restaurants, bars to the area

Edgewood Avenue is a place rich in history. A staple of the area, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market opened nearly ninety years ago and has survived everything from fires to tornados. The Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Change is just around the corner, attracting tourists and locals alike. But when it comes to dining options, the area has not always been a foodie hangout—until recently.

46. Explore Edgewood Avenue on a Saturday

Fortify yourself with a basket of chicken at Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar—and don’t forget the hot sauce.

Pizzeria Vesuvius reopens with Edgewood Speakeasy

I went to a speakeasy late last night.A friend and I had been sitting at Octopus Bar. The night air was rich and warm. The bartender served up a kumamoto with sturgeon caviar alongside my negroni. One oyster for ten bucks. It was worth it, I swear. A negroni or two later, we got a text message from a friend who said that he was in a speakeasy.

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