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Waffle House

You’re probably a Republican if there’s a Waffle House in your state

Last year the Washington Post looked at 2012 presidential election results and found that Mitt Romney won 16 of the 25 states that have at least one Waffle House. Of the states without a Waffle House, President Obama won all but eight.
Johnny Isakson

7. Johnny Isakson

Georgia’s senior U.S. senator commands respect from both sides of the aisle. The Marietta Republican has capitalized on his popularity; he’s currently the only senator chairing two committees.
Casey Cagle

23. Casey Cagle

Georgia’s first Republican lieutenant governor has had more than his share of ups and downs since taking office in 2006. He withdrew from the 2009 governor’s race, citing health reasons.
Andrew Young

42. Andrew Young

Young’s legacy as an Atlanta mayor, congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, and a key member of Martin Luther King Jr.’s inner circle during the civil rights movement has given him a standing unique among leaders of his generation.

35. Sam Olens

Since taking office in 2011, Georgia’s state attorney general has stepped up prosecution of sex traffickers, and called for stricter regulation of “pill mills” to reduce prescription drug abuse.
Kasim Reed

2. Kasim Reed

He was elected Atlanta’s 59th mayor in 2009 by precisely 714 votes. Such a razor-thin margin might prompt another politician to take office in a spirit of caution, if not outright humility.
David Ralston

4. David Ralston

Georgia’s 73rd House speaker, who’s held the lower chamber’s top spot since 2010, has served as a voice of moderation in the state’s increasingly fragmented Republican party.
Nathan Deal

1. Nathan Deal

It may be early in his second term as governor, but for Nathan Deal, it’s the home stretch of a 35-year political career, one in which he has never lost an election, from the Gold Dome to Capitol Hill and back.
Kasim Reed

Q&A: Mayor Kasim Reed on second-term goals, fatherhood, and the future of Turner Field

After he was photographed for our October cover, Mayor Kasim Reed chatted with Atlanta magazine editor-in-chief Steve Fennessy for a discussion about his second-term goals, the future of Turner Field, how fatherhood changed him from a “selfish” man, and what’s next.
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s march through the South

In his first Atlanta visit, Sen. Bernie Sanders captured the minds leftist Georgians as he presented an alternative to the business-backed status quo of modern-day America.

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